Upsilon-ERP is a cloud-based ERP solution designed specifically for the UK wholesale and manufacturing industry sectors.

The system comprises interlinked modules for:

Upsilon-ERP provides all of the modules that you will need in order to get your wholesale or manufacturing business running smoothly and efficiently from day one.

Core Features

The following bullet points highlight some of the core features of the Upsilon system. To find out more ways in which Upsilon-ERP can benefit your wholesale or manufacturing business then please get in touch with us via the site contact page.

Multiple Branch Support

Upsilon has been built from the ground up to include support for businesses which have multiple satellite branch locations. Each product created within the Upsilon Stock Control module can have product transactions and balances, re-order levels, maximum stock levels and locations applied which are specific to each of your company’s physical branch locations. In addition to this there are also options for inter-branch stock transfers to allow the transfer of physical stock between branch locations.

Whether you are a single branch with plans to expand or already have multiple sites you can be sure that Upsilon will scale to meet your existing and future requirements.

Report & Dashboards Designer

The system features a built-in web based report writer. This allows complete customisation of all reports and dashboards included within the system in an easy to use WYSIWYG interface.

Also, this allows your company’s unique branding to be added to any reports, along with layout changes to match your stationery, the addition of custom fields or custom reporting logic and much more.

Search Capabilities

All data grids within the Upsilon-ERP system contain a Quick Search and Advanced Search option. In most cases the quick search option will allow you to find the information that you require with just a few key presses. Should more detailed filtering be required the Advanced Search option allows you to query your information on an individual field by field basis. This means that finding the information that you require is quick and easily available throughout each module within the Upsilon system.

Luckins Distributors Database

Upsilon-ERP fully integrates with the Luckins Distributors Database, providing your business with access to a weekly updated database of over 850,000 product items from over 500 suppliers.

TSM have worked closely with Luckins to make sure that Upsilon-ERP fully supports the Luckins Distributors Database from product launch – This close integration ensures that comprehensive, accurate and up to date product and pricing information is never more than a few mouse clicks away.

Further details of the integration between the Luckins Distributors Database and Upsilon-ERP can be found by visiting the Luckins Distributors Database section of this website.

Data Export Formats

All data grids within the Upsilon-ERP system can be exported to MS Excel, CSV or XML formats giving users the ability to search, filter and then export their information in popular formats for use within other applications.

In addition to this all reporting output can also be exported to PDF, MS Word, html, MS Excel or CSV formats.

Help System

All modules in Upsilon-ERP are backed by a fully featured, searchable and context sensitive online help system. For help on any particular option simply click the Help button and you will be taken to the relevant topic within the help system.

Additionally, the complete help system is also available as a printable pdf manual, should this be required.

User Security

The system is backed by a comprehensive group level user security system. An unlimited number of user groups can be created with differing levels of acces to the system. User accounts can then be assigned to a group thus allowing complete control over precisely which areas of the system your company’s users are granted access to.