Works Orders


Upsilon-ERP’s Works Orders module allows you to track the production of Product Assemblies and links to the Stock Control, Purchase Order and Sales Order Modules. The works order module is also backed by fully-featured reporting options.

Manufacturing Process

Once a Works Order has been created stock can be allocated to the works order item components either automatically, upon creation, or manually at a later stage. Should any components have an insufficient stock level the stock shortages report can be printed to highlight any components below the required stock level. A picking list can also be printed showing all component parts required to fulfil the works order.

When stock has been fully or partially allocated one or more works order documents can be created in order to begin the manufacturing process. Once the assembly has been manufactured from its component parts the works order document can then be flagged as made, if manufacturing was successful, cancelled if something went wrong or amended if the component parts were incorrect and needed to be changed.

Finally, once the works order is completed the component parts are removed from stock and the newly manufactured product assembly is booked in to stock ready to be allocated to orders in the Sales Order module.